Materials of Rope

Ropes can be made of 3 main material - Natural fibre, Synthetic fibre and Metal wires.

Type of Ropes

There are 2 types of ropes – Laid Rope, and Braided Rope.

Laid Rope (e.g. manila hemp, twine; Fig. 1)

Braided Rope (e.g. static climbing rope; Fig. 2)

Maintenance of Ropes

Common Terms in Rope Usage

It is important to use consistent terms when teaching, to minimise confusion.

Coiling Ropes

Simple Coil

Old Navy Coil

Whipping Ropes

To prevent any point of the rope from further fraying.

Simple Whipping

  1. Lay a loop on one end of the rope
  2. Make a few rounds about the rope and loop
  3. Insert the remaining end into the loop
  4. Pull the standing end down to secure and hide the working end
  5. Finish off with a reef knot

West Country Whipping

  1. Tie a half knot around one end of the rope
  2. Tie another half knot at the reverse side
  3. Repeat this process of simple knotting on alternate sides
  4. Finish off with a reef knot

Flame Whipping

  1. Tape the end of the rope
  2. Flame behind the tape
  3. Cut off the burnt end
  4. Flame the tip again

Other Useful Pointers

Information and images provided by NPCC HQ