1.1 Fireman's Chair

Function: Fireman’s chair is a loop knot used to lower a casualty from higher grounds.

1.2 Rolling Hitches

Rolling hitches are similar to clove hitch in attaching ropes to objects e.g. spars. However, they are more secured due to the extra rounds and cuts and are used extensively in starting and anchoring rope obstacles.

1.2.1. Single Cut Rolling Hitch

1.2.2 Double Cut Rolling Hitch

1.3 Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

Round turn and two half hitches is used to secure a rope to an object yet allow the rope to turn in all directions (360º). It is commonly used to secure boats to dock posts. The 2 half hitches should be as close to the round turn as possible and form a clove hitch, such that the knot will not shift along the pole/object that it is tied onto.

2. Splicing

General Function: To permanently join ropes.

2.1 Back Splicing

2.2 Short Splicing

2.3 Eye Splicing

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